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Visualization vs Imagination (PVA)
by Zeus

The formation of a mental image of something that is neither perceived as real, nor present to the senses is an act of imagination. The imagination, though not utilized by everyone, is a part of each individual that can help them to create the concept of new theories, or escape reality for a short time. Without the imagination people would be unable to conceptualize products, or services that do not already exist. Fortunately there is no lack for imagination in the world, which means new products and services are continually being brought from imagination into reality through different manufacturing techniques as a result. The imagination is limited in that it cannot directly create objects or situations in reality and so it requires people to take the idea out of the imagination to manufacture, or create it. With psi the imagination is important in conceptualizing new ideas for techniques and to come up with new theories to test in reality; however the imagination does not allow a psi ability to manifest directly into reality as this is not a function of the imagination.

Psi abilities rely on the concept of creating in realty in order to realize the goal expected from each technique. While imagination may have aided in building the technique being used it will not help in bringing the outcome to fruition since imagination isn’t able to cross the reality boundary. In order to bring a technique into reality an individual must actually utilize two concepts.

The first necessary component of bringing abilities to realization is focus. A person must clearly perceive the overall technique from beginning to end without interruption in order to start towards a psi goal. In focusing for a technique an individual must e aware of every detail in the carry-out process of an ability as well as have clear understanding of the action/reaction of their expected outcome. Those people creating the focus must be careful though since over-focusing can be as detrimental to a technique as no focus at all. The ideal focus level in any technique is similar to the kind used when juggling objects. While the juggler is aware of the details, such as where each object is, where their hands need to be, and whether or not they need to move their body to properly align themselves, they are not concentrating their focus on any one specific detail. During their show of juggling ability the juggler focuses on the overall act of juggling and that is important in ensuring the proper outcome. The same overall focus mentality is essential in psi technique to ensure that nothing gets dropped.

The second concept necessary for proper psi technique outcome is intent. An intent is both the end purpose for the technique, and the state of mind carrying it out. Psi techniques each have a specific goal in reality, which leaves little unknown about the final purpose of them. The state of mind is a more difficult aspect to understand, but if broken down can be made easier. Where psi intents are concerned the state of mind refers to understanding the purpose of the technique and focusing on that purpose. So, as long as an individual grasps the concepts of the technique they’re using and holds focus on it they will be in the correct state of mind to create an intent in psi.

In combining the two concepts necessary for a proper psi outcome an individual is actually left with visualization. A visualization is the overall formation of a mental image concerning what is happening and how a technique is carried out. In combining focus with intent a person is ensuring the proper variables are in place to successfully create a psi outcome in reality. To further the psi ability visualization should be carried out consciously within the psi control centre, but this isn’t necessary when first working with techniques since visualization will unconsciously manifest in that area of the brain regardless.

As can be seen there are distinct differences between the imagination and visualization with each having necessity for psi. It is important to realize the differences so the correct one can be harnessed for proper psi techniques.