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Psi Teachers
by Zeus

When searching out a someone that is able to teach you psi there are several questions that should first be thought through.
1. What path through psi most appeals to you (Wiccan, Mage, Buddhist, Pure Energy)?
2. What do you hope to accomplish from your learning psi?
3. How far are you willing to travel to reach your teacher?
4. What level should your teacher be at before they are considered ready to teach?
There are, of course, other questions, but these cover the broad basics of what you should arm yourself with when actively searching for someone to guide you in psi. A teacher should be patient, open-minded, able to cope with differing situations and able to relate information into terms a person is able to understand and identify with. Teachers, almost always, must be of a higher level then yourself. The Pure Energy path in psi does not recognize anyone below a Blue level mastery as qualified to actually teach; however suggesting, and sharing ideas is allowed. To teach Pure Energy Psi is to travel with someone for many years as they develop their mindsets, and enlarge their energy pools. The actual teaching of techniques may only take two years, but a teacher is still obligated to follow through the person’s progression until a student reaches an Intermediate Level 2. Please be patient when seeking out a teacher, and always remember to be polite as teachers are few and far between and to have one agree to teach you is really considered an honour.
Before anyone asks, I do not teach psi. I used to, but no longer have the time to devote towards specific students. The best I can offer is this website with all its information and suggestions and explanations if ever you become stuck somewhere in it. The best energies always to your path in psi!