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Psi Difficulty
by Zeus

For many years masters and psi experts have pushed upon the general populace the difficulties of learning psi. For as long as psi has been taught its techniques have been set forth as mysterious and unimaginably hard to master. While this may be true for some techniques most of psi is simple to learn and, with practice, do. It has always been my personal belief that psi should be available to anyone that wishes to learn it regardless of age, sex, or any other discrimination. Since every living person holds the ability to perform psi it should be their choice whether to develop their skills, or not. This personal belief has gotten me into a lot of trouble over the years if only for one reason .. all the people that would potentially use psi for dark, or unwholesome purposes. Unfortunately having evil-bent people is unavoidable in a human population, but in giving access to techniques in a simple form I also offer information to them. This trade-off I can accept, because of the time that it takes to master any psi technique. Psi has always been said to be extremely difficult to learn, so that those that wish to quickly learn and use it for evil purposes would be discouraged .. along with those that don’t wish to put in the effort to learn and put it to good use. With the Palatium trying to put forth the techniques in easy to understand terms this is no longer possible, so how do we keep the negative group away? The answer is simple, time. Pure energy psi, just like any other form of psychism, takes many years to perfect to the point where performing a technique is like second nature. For this reason most people that would normally be put off by the difficulty of learning psi are put off by the time that people have to put in to master the techniques. From starting to a point where psi is second nature (at least several techniques) can take upwards of 10 years, or more. Psi may be easy to learn, but performing it easily takes a long time. If psi is your goal then don’t be discouraged by the time, simply keep practicing and working towards your ultimate outcome: mastery.