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by Zeus

Intent driven energy can be used to do almost anything in psi. With this in mind creating sheets of intent impregnated energies designed to create an outcome can be used for many things. For lack of a better description intent driven sheets of energy are called screens. A psychic should be familiar with screens through their use in the intaking technique.
A screen is created through visualization. To create a screen visualize a thin sheet of energy in the place it is needed and ensure the visualization includes the desired intent of the screen's energy. The screen may be static in motion where energy is passed through the screen to create an outcome, as it is during intaking, or the screen can be given dynamic motion where the screen moves and not the energy it is working on.
Static motion screens are usually reserved for intaking techniques and connections. In both of these cases the screen is created directly in the path of the energy flow, so all the energy transferred passes through the screen without the screen having to move. During intaking the screen most often has a neutralizing intent to clean the energy being brought into the body. With connections screens are used to ensure negative, or harmful energies do not enter the psychic's body and that energy the recipient is not able to handle does not enter their body. During connections screens are often stacked one on top of the other to create the entire desired result. The reason for screen stacks is that any one screen may only include one intent, so in places needing numerous intents the screens are stacked.
Dynamic motion screens are most often used in full body healings, neutralizations, and identifications. Again screens are often stacked for complete outcomes. Using screens for body healings usually begins by creating a neutralizing screen above the head and then a healing screen stacked above that. The next step is to move the screens down over the entire body, so the desired outcome can be realized as the screen moves over the body.
Screens, alone or stacked, are very useful to keep as a viable technique to assist in a broad range of psi activities. The full extent to which screens can be used is left only to the imagination.