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by Zeus

When you are able to see, or visualize a place either through Remote Viewing, or clairvoyance you have the ability to send enough of your energy to that place to have a presence. Your presence in your intended spot can be simply an energy concentration, or actually be physical depending how much energy and focus is put into the projection. The more physical the projection is the sensations will come to you like you are actually there rather than looking at the spot from an outside viewpoint.
To project yourself to another place you need to begin by quieting the environment around your body. Nothing must disturb your focus otherwise your connection will falter and you will lose your projection. Concentrate energy within the Psi Control Centre, visualize the place where you are creating a projection, and relax yourself. Start the Projection by visualizing yourself at the other place. Continue with the visualization that you have infact gone to the other place. Your energy will automatically follow your mind's thought pattern and begin to create another concentration of your energy at the place you are thinking of. The more focus you put into the Projection the more solid the final outcome on the other end. As the Projection intensifies you will begin to feel the stimuli of that environment as if you were actually there. To end the Projection simply bring your energy back into your body.
Many people express concern over the fact that some of your energy is leaving your body, and what that might mean to psi attacks. While it is true that some of your energy is leaving your body it is no more than when you are in the dream state and so there is always enough left to turn back any would be attackers. The main point is that as long as more than half of your Centre Energy stays within your body no other energy can move in and take over.