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by Gubod

Because there is so little (true) information on the web about pendulums as a way of what you may call predicting or reading, I have decided to do so. I will give a brief description on how a pendulum works and how you use it.

How does it work?
Before I can tell you that I have to tell you something about how (I believe) our mind works.

Now as you can see in my (fairly simple) drawing there are three levels on which the human mind works. When we experience something first we store it in our conscious mind, after a little while it will sink to our subconscious level and the event becomes what we call a 'memory'. Sometimes we events even sink to our unconscious level, for example a bad childhood experience or something that has happened in a past live. All our inner problems, which we often don't know about, are stored in the unconscious too. You also see an outside factor, but I'll come back to that later.
Now I've already told you, that we can get knowledge from our subconscious level to our conscious level. However, via the subconscious level, we can get information from our conscious level. You see that the arrow there is red. This is not because of any danger that is in it, I made it red only because it isn't always a direct connection. Now whether it is a direct connection or not depends on your spiritual on how developed you are, spiritually that is. Sometimes we need an aid to get certain information from our unconscious level, like tarot cards, runes or (who would've guessed) a pendulum. Now in that case the drawing would actually have to look like this:

It works like this: You ask yourself a question. Via the subconscious your question goes to the unconscious. From there the answer is sent to your subconscious. The subconscious sends a signal to your muscles located in your fingers, which will move the pendulum. That's it, that's how this works.
Now to get to the outside factor, this is fairly easy: it can be a spirit or some eternal source of knowledge that sends information to your unconscious. If your unconscious would not have the answer, it could ask this outside factor. Again, the arrow is red, because it depends on how spiritual developed you are.

What can I use for a pendulum?
There are actually some fine pendulums for sale in New Age stores and sometimes bookstores. But you can use anything: A ring or key tied to a rope. But if you want to go deeply into using a pendulum, I advise you to buy one, because the ones you can get in stores are better tuned to energies.
P.S.: the normal length of the rope is 10 to 20 cm.

How do I use a pendulum?
We can divide the uses of a pendulum into three (main) categories.

Negative/Positive, Yes/No
First thing you do is asking yourself: 'What will be my sign for yes?' do the same for no, negative and positive. The pendulum will either turn clockwise or not clockwise, it can also go straight (so not in a circle), this normally means 'neutral'.
Now you are ready to ask questions that are answered by yes or no, etc. You can also walk across your room and see if there are negative or positive energies in your way. Remember never to sleep above a negative energy source.

Geographical maps
This is perfect when you are looking for something. Take a map of the area you know it's in and move your pendulum slowly over the map. When the pendulum starts to move it is there. TIP: I divide maps into numbered areas and first use a pendulum number map to see in what area it is, this saves a lot of work.

Pendulum maps
I call it a map, but it is not actually a map. It's more like a graph. But anyway, this is how it works. I'll use an example I used.
I am really in to OBE (Out of Body Experience) right now. And I got the idea that some Chakras or Energy Focal Points as you may call them needed to be slowed down (or less active as you wish) to be able to do OBE. So I asked the pendulum if it was useful to do so. It said yes. Now I made this pendulum map:

First I asked how many Chakras should be less active, and then I asked which ones. Now you have to hold your pendulum in the middle and it will move (not circling) over a line. This comes in handy when there are other answers then yes or no. Now in my map 1 and 7 are on one line. So I always double check if it is the one the pendulum says by holding the pendulum directly over the number and see if it says yes.
Now there are some really great books that contain pendulum maps, I advise you to buy one. I find them to be very (very) handy sometimes. It is money well spent.

IMPORTANT: Sometimes you want a certain outcome so badly that you will influence the pendulum. So always stay neutral to the answer. This goes for all three main categories.

Some important things

  • Never use the pendulum when you're sick or stressed, you need to be relaxed and well.
  • Take some time when you use the pendulum, don't do a quick reading between normal day activities. Take some time to neutralize and balance, and if you need to intake energy.
  • Never use a pendulum if the outcome can harm someone. (It is also considered wrong to ask questions like: 'Is my partner cheating on me', etc.) The outcome of those questions are mostly wrong or not answered, since you are not neutral at that point.
  • Never use a pendulum to show your skills, which is also considered wrong.
  • Never use the word 'pendulum' in a text as much as I do.

I told you some general and brief information about how to use a pendulum. You should be able to use one on an intermediate basis now. If you want to get really into it (like I did) you should get some books and different pendulums to experiment. Using a pendulum is actually a very personal thing once you get into it.