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Pure Energy Psychic Readings
by Zeus

Pure energy psychic readings do not use helper objects such as runes, and tarots instead this technique focuses on empathy and precognition. A person wishing to do readings in this manner should ensure they are centred, energized, open, and calm before beginning.
When a reading is requested and the reader has agreed to perform the reading the reader should connect empathetically with the readee. The depth level of the empathic connection will depend upon the information the readee hopes to gain, the more specific the information the stronger and deeper the connection must be.
After a connection is made the reader will begin to receive information in their psi control centre (mind’s eye) regarding the readee. In this manner the reader is able to answer past, and present concerns directly relating to the person being read. In order to read people that are around or in the readee’s life the empathic connection must be opened to allow information regarding the other person in. In general connecting from one person to the next degrades the quality and amount of information received, so be ready for this. [For those that worry about privacy issues connecting to a third party through another person is not considered invasion since the connection rarely produces more information than listening to that person’s broadcast thoughts] In order to see into a person’s future clairvoyance/audience/sentience, or precognition is needed. Precognitive information is received in the psi control centre usually as possibilities. The mind automatically will sort through the infinite possibilities of a person’s future and will give the most likely scenario. With practice an accuracy rating can be given with each piece of information a reader receives. Remember that sorting through in order to find the best fit future pattern takes a lot of energy, so be ready to intake after finishing up the psychic reading.
Readings are always open to interpretation in what a person sees, so if the reader is unable to decipher the meaning pass the information along anyway as it may mean something to the readee.
As always, practice makes perfect.