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Psychic Reading Introduction
by Zeus

Psychic readings appear in many forms and each reader will read in slightly different ways. In doing a reading a psychic may use empathy, intuition, precognition, clairvoyance, tarot cards, runes, chicken bones, tea leaves, and the list continues. The important thing to remember when doing psychic readings is to focus on the readee (person receiving the reading) regardless of the type of reading being given. As a basic rule it is easiest to give general knowledge about the readee’s past, present and future, but the mark of a good psychic is one that receives information about specific questions the person may ask.
A psychic reader should always identify what their intentions are when giving a reading (ie what type of reading, and for how long they have been reading). This allows the readee to decide how much trust to put into the reading and usually allows them to expect a reading that is rough around the edges if the reader has only read for a short time. No matter how accurate, or good a reader may be for about the first five years they are still considered to be inexperienced simply because they, more than likely, have not run across the greater cross section of hum life paths.
When performing a reading a psychic reader is in their right to ask some questions of the readee, but the reader should not use questions that lead a readee along. With readings, to keep them purely psychic, a readee should oly agree, disagree, or acknowledge what the psychic reader says and not offer up to much information; however a readee may offer information that links two or more pieces of a reading together. Always remember that psychics do not see, or know everything only small parts.
Many readers begin by asking a person their name, sex, and birthdate (omit the second question for in person readings). This small amount of information allows the reader to connect and begin the reading. The only other thing that is very important in readings is honesty. If a readee lies than the psychic will have an extremely difficult time connecting, or will grasp an incorrect thread and the reading will be completely off. The reader should also be open with the readee and answer the best they can, if the reader doesn’t see anything about a certain subject they should simply explain that to the readee.
Whatever type of psychic reading is done remember to practice, because only through practice will accuracy and confidence go up.