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The Clairs
by Zeus

This page refers to clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience.
Clairvoyance is regarded as the ability to see things that are not perceivable to the five ordinary senses. It is the most closely associated with ESP. Clairvoyance allows a psychic the ability to perceive events, and thoughts beyond ordinary perception, but only in sight related forms. Clairvoyant events do not include sound, or anything else, they are simply visions, or pictures of another place, or person somewhere in time. With practice a clairvoyant can control where exactly in time their visions come from and so use their ability for psychic readings, and specific foreknowledge of events. Information from clairvoyance is collected and displayed in the psi control centre (mind’s eye) and is sometimes referred to as second sight. For this reason also clairvoyance is associated strongly with the forehead energy focal point (chakra). Clairvoyance does not require any energy connections to another person, or place in order to work. This is one of the major things that sets it apart from precognition, empathy, and telepathy.
Clairaudience is the perception of sound not actually audible to the ear. The sounds can come from anywhere in time, as with clairvoyant visions, and may be associated with events or people. This ability is almost like have a far reaching ability to hear anywhere that a psychic wishes to. It is generally agreed that clairaudience is most useful when bundled with clairvoyance, but few clairvoyants are also clairaudients. Clairaudience requires no energy connection to a person, or place in order to achieve its goal.
Clairsentience is almost exactly like a very strong empathic connection, except that there is no need to connect directly to another person in order to feel their emotions and thoughts.
To be any one, or combination of these three is rare, because most psychics require the connection to another person. Even when a psychic does not believe they are making an energy connection to another person they may still be subconsciously sending out the connection in order to make psychism easier on themselves. If you are lucky enough to have one, or a combination of these abilities it is strongly suggested that you practice with them and learn to control them. Clairvoyance and clairaudience can be a nuisance at best if they are uncontrolled, or unrestrained. Clairsentience, if uncontrolled, has been known to put people over the edge of sanity, because they are able to feel everyone’s emotions at once without a connection. The only other thing that helps a clairvoyant greatly is shielding.