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Time Dilation
by Zeus

Time is a purely human thought form. The only reason that time exists is so that we humans have an easy way to make appointments and to calculate scientific phenomenon. In order to change time itself you must realize that it doesn't really exist. In order to speed up, or slow down time you simply have to visualize the outcome solidly. If you are trying to include your surroundings in your time dilation than it is essential to use the Power Triangle and to concentrate its energies in your Psi Control Centre. The basics of time dilation follow the visualization of your goal as either slowing, or speeding time. When you have your Triangle in place than you must broadcast the time dilation energies from yourself. The actual size of the bubble of different time that you produce depends solely on the amount of energy you broadcast. In order to continue your time dilation process you must feed energy into it continuously. To switch this over to a Hybrid Psi technique use intaken energy to feed the dilation, or use Universal Energy to expand your time bubble beyond the broadcast reach of your energies.