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Invisibility and Shadowing
by Zeus

These two techniques are used either to make a person, or object invisible to the naked eye, or to make them a black shadow object. Invisibility involves redirecting light rays around the person, or object so that they never actually come in contact with the thing that is invisible. Shadowing an object, or person involves absorbing all light and reflecting no light back to any viewer.

To shadow yourself you must absorb all manner of visible light rays. This means that if you must not allow any part of your body to reflect light. What I mean is this: When a person is wearing a green shirt than all light rays except for green are absorbed by the shirt and the green light is reflected back to viewer's eye, so they see the colour green. What must happen in order for the shadow effect is that the green reflection must be stopped. To do this visualize yourself as a magnet for the visible light spectrum. Bring together a Power Triangle to assist in visualizing your goal and giving you enough energy to complete the task. The energy given to you upon completion of the Triangle should be concentrated in your Psi Control Centre so that it can be used. The idea here is to not allow any light to be reflected from your skin, hair, clothing, etc.. As the visualization and energy take effect you will notice that your physical vision is nothing but white. This is because your eyes are also absorbing all manner of light meaning that you are rendered blind. To get around being rendered temporarily blind by this technique you must leave your eyes visible. A person using this technique will have no visible features, nor will they appear in three dimensions since there is no light reflected from them to give them depth. Effectively a person using this technique will appear as a black, or dark grey shadow.

Making oneself invisible involves never allowing the light rays to reach your body. The light rays must be refracted, or bent around your body and then straightened on the other side to make like you are not in the path of the light rays. In this manner no light is reflected from your body and so no viewer is able to see you. In order to accomplish this technique you must have a very solid Power Triangle with a solid visualization of the technique's outcome. Concentrate all of the energy from the Power Triangle into your Psi Control Centre and bend the light rays around yourself. If you bend all the light rays then you will not be able to see anything but blackness yourself. This is because no light will reach your own physical eyes. To get around this do not bend the light that would otherwise enter your eyes. Remember though that doing this does not make you 100% invisible. If you are not perfectly successful in bending and straightening the light rays as they pass around you than your invisibility will look more like the Hunter from the movie Predator.

Both of the above techniques need energy continually fed into the visualization to keep them stable, and it should be noted that Shadowing is much easier than making oneself Invisible. Also note that the above techniques only work with the part of the spectrum that you are visualizing for, and so you may not appear shadowed or invisible to some people, or animals depending on how broad a piece of the spectrum they are able to see. If you wish to change either of these techniques into Hybrid Psi techniques than the easiest way is to continually intake while performing them and feeding the intaken energy directly into the visualization.