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by Zeus

Levitation is the ability to rise into the air without physical support. This technique requires relaxation, and a quiet environment when first learning it, so make sure to have both when attempting to float. This was run as a private class in #Psi_Palatium the IRC channel and I will post it here for everyone to learn.
First, there is no gravity
It is conceptual energy pushing (not pulling) down upon your energy
The energy pushing down is keeping you firmly sitting in your seat
Now consider that the energy we know as gravity is at a certain charge
A certain positive charge pushing down is all that gravity is
So if you are being pushed down then you must have a charge since positive energy can't push down on neutral energy
So if you begin in your toes and visualize making your energy neutral you can take out the effect of gravity
Completely neutralizing yourself can take upwards of an hour depending on how charged your overall energies are
Now change the Universal Energy around you from pushing down on you to pushing up. Use the Power Triangle to command the UE to push up
Alright so you have neutral IE and UE surrounding you that is pushing up
Now you must charge slightly your IE again so that you can actually be pushed up by the UE
Put a slight positive charge on your IE through visualization
You'll start to feel the UE pushing up on you
At some point you will leave the floor/chair and float into the air
As with any other Hybrid Technique Levitation requires continual energy input from you so that the energies do not revert back to the Natural Order sending you crashing to the ground. As long as you are able to concentrate and keep the energies in a Levitation state you can float. If you wish to change this technique into Hybrid Psi all you have to do is continually intake throughout performing the technique and use that intaken energy to keep things in the correct state.