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by Zeus

There are two generalized categories of Telekinesis (TK): Micro TK, and Macro TK. Micro TK deals with the mental influence a person is able to exert on a small scale. Usually it is associated with random number generators and changing "games of chance" to benefit the individual performing the technique. Macro TK deals with things on a grander scale. Of the two types of telekinesis Macro TK is the one most people wish to learn because of the big things it can accomplish. Macro TK is the technique that allows a person to move objects around with no hands, change the candle flame with a thought, and virtually anything the individual can imagine. It should be noted that Micro TK is much easier to master and that not everyone holds the ability to perform Macro TK simply because it requires more Internal Energy than most people hold. It is still important to lean the techniques though in the hopes of an energy jump, or to perform it using Hybrid Psi. There are also magick techniques that perform similar outcomes to Micro and Macro TK.

Micro Telekinesis
This technique requires use of the Power Triangle. When performing Micro TK first put into place your Power Triangle, so that you have a clear visualization of what the goal is. When you have your Triangle in place simply visualize the outcome and if you hold a solid Triangle your goal will be the end result of the technique. Remember that this technique does not effect large objects only "games of chance."

Macro Telekinesis
This starts much the same as Micro TK with the Power Triangle so that you may have a clear understanding of your expected outcome. The difference comes with actually carrying out what you wish to do. Concentrate the energy from the Triangle in your Psi Control Centre, so that you may then send it directly to your goal.
We will take an example of lifting a piece of paper to demonstrate the technique. First create your Power Triangle by realizing you wish to lift the piece of paper. Once you've done that and have the Triangle Power Mindset concentrate the energy into your Psi Control Centre. Visualize clearly what your outcome is and focus your concentrated energy at the piece of paper. Doing this will send that energy to the paper and change the energies of and around the paper so that it lifts up. You must continually feed enough energy into the paper to keep the effect active. If you do not feed the paper energy then Natural Order quickly takes over and all the energies are changed back to normal stopping the paper from floating.
Macro TK, because it involves the changing slightly of another object's energy should not be performed on any living beings unless they are well shielded. This is because the shield energy and the energy around the shield can be changed without harming the individual within the shield. More often than not it is best to perform TK on inanimate objects only. If the need arises to protect yourself from another person's TK use a Defensive Shield with an outer reflective (mirror-like) surface.