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Psychokinesis Overview
by Zeus

Psychokinesis on a grander scale is the interaction of thought with other energy and matter to create an outcome. Because of the diverse nature of thought and the infinite possibilities of interaction psychokinesis has been cut and categorized over the years to identify the actual outcome of the psychokinetic technique. Psychics may specialize in specific areas of psychokinesis successfully without having techniques, or knowledge of other areas. Most notable of psychokinetic techniques for psychics is telekinesis. Telekinesis, though not always presently recognized as such, is the movement of material objects with the mind.
There are numerous telekinetic techniques some of which require contact on the molecular level and intense concentration, and others that require only a general understanding of energy interaction. Pure Energy Psi's technique for telekinesis requires energy interaction through an overall relationship with the energy around and in an object. This means only that a psychic should understand clearly what they wish to accomplish in clarity of intent accomplished through the Power Triangle and the achievement of Optimum Psi Mindset. A psychic needs only to set things in motion and send the energy out to have a successful goal.
The downfall of human minds is that intense concentration and doubt destroy a telekinetic intent almost immediately. To overcome this a psychic must be neutral and centred when they initiate an intent. The telekinetic though when released and felt as an overall subjectiveness will be successful. Do not concentrate, or overly focus on the outcome once the energy is released simply create the intent and let it happen. In this manner and technique all psychokinetic techniques can be realized quickly and successfully (providing there is enough energy available to accomplish the outcome).
Some examples of differing psychokinetic intents include: telekinesis, pyrokinesis, aquakinesis, terrakinesis, and aerokinesis. Each category of psychokinesis begins the same and releases the same energy from the body, but with different intent outcomes.