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Indirect Connection Healing
by Zeus

Pure Energy’s most commonly used indirect healing technique is called Broadcast Healing. Broadcast healing is not actually a true healing technique rather it serves to lift energies within a person in order to make them feel better. Since this is a broadcast technique anyone within your broadcast area, and those connected to you will be affected by it. The visualization goal of this technique is to broadcast energies that are comforting, peaceful, supportive, and/or healing. Use your entire body area to broadcast these energies outwards.
Many business settings can benefit from this technique to reduce the stress levels and anti-team feelings within their employees.
There are numerous individuals in the World that already unknowingly use a form of this technique and those are the people you would point out as giving off a vibe. Many people will ask … isn’t this just an extended aura? The answer is no. A person using this technique will still have a distinct aura level separate from the energy that they broadcast.
As a side note: Most people subconsciously use this technique to bleed off excess energy when greatly upset. We do not like being around angry people, because they are constantly radiating negative energy. I would urge people to learn this technique and consciously make the choice only to radiate positive, or neutral energy, and turn off the broadcast when angry.