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Direct Connection Healing
by Zeus

Direct Connection Healing encompasses Hands On Healing, Hands Off Healing, and Remote Connection Healing.
Let’s begin by dealing with Hands On, and Hands Off Healing. The main difference between the two techniques is that one requires the healer to directly touch the affected area, and the other only requires the healer to hover their hand over the affected area, or to send the energy from a distance (but the distance must be within the healer’s line of sight). The easiest way to teach healing is by example, and so let us try that way.
If a person cuts their forearm with a knife their skin’s energy flow is immediately disrupted in that area. The area directly surrounding the knife wound will quickly have its flow of energy cut and the area will become a block, or stagnant pool of energy. The goal in healing the forearm is first to locate the edges of the block and through visualization remove it. Once the block is removed the person’s own energy will begin to circulate around the wounded area again. At this point the person could actually be left to heal on their own, but in healings that isn’t often done. The next thing a healer must do is to put up an energy screen over the wound so that negative, or chaos energy does not enter the person’s body (the screen has also been shown to help decrease the spread of bacteria as if one applied an antibacterial ointment, and the screen also reduces the infiltration of viral bodies which reduces infection rates). At this point there is energy flowing to the wound and a field over the affected area to help reduce energy and physical infection. The next step in the healing process is to apply actual healing energy to the area. To do this visualize the goal of repairing the damaged physical area and send that energy down through your palms to the affected area. This energy should help in the closing of the wound through the growth of new tissue and binding of that new tissue with the existing tissue. When doing this you should notice an automatic response by the healee’s energy to mimic what yours are doing. In this way wounds are able to be healed.
But what if the wound is not actually physical (ie. headache, back pain)? In these cases there are still energy blocks that are creating the physical pain to the person. The blocks, as before, must be removed and the person’s energy must be allowed to circulate over the affected area. Healing energy goals are then applied by the healer to ease the pain and through visualization correct the underlying problem.
To achieve Remote Healing the easiest way is through first creating a healing connection with the person you wish to heal. Each of the subsequent steps are the same for remote healing as they are for hands on/off healing except there is no physical closeness between the healer and the healee and everything must be achieved through constant goal visualization.
Note that a wound does not have to be 100% healed if you need to leave it to continue at another time. The most important steps are those up to and including getting the healee’s energies to mimic the healing energy that you send as the healer. If the healer leaves at, or after that point in the healing then the person being healed would have their own energies continue to heal them until the wound is fixed, or a block is erected again. If a block is put back in place then the healing must start from the beginning, but if not the healer can simply rejoin with the healing energy.