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Healing Introduction
by Zeus

Healing techniques in the Pure Energy path of psi can be cut into being either direct connection healings, or indirect healings. Direct connection healings require the healer to either make a direct psi connection, or physically touch the person they wish to heal. Indirect healing techniques require only that the intent to send a healing visualization exists. The direct connection healings (specific person to person) are considered the strongest, most potent forms of healing and for that reason Pure Energy deals more heavily with them. The goal in healing with energy is not gone about in the same manner as physically healing a wound, yet in saying that many aspects of the healing are compared for ease of instruction. Healing a wound with energy requires that the healer first feel a person’s overall energy pattern and cycle and then look at exactly how the wound has effected that cycle of energy. This look into the energy pattern of the wounded person allows a healer to know exactly where a person is hurt, and what specific areas need to be healed.