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Wicca - Tools of the Witch
by Fire_Opal

Wand: used to draw circles in the ground, and as an instrument of invocation. Usually made of Willow, oak, apple, or cherry branches.

Censer: used as an incense burner. Can be a dish or bowl filled with salt, or a metal censer.

Cauldron: symbol of the Goddess. Used for cooking, flowers, or containing a fire. Generally made of iron and found in all sizes.

Athame: the magick knife used to direct energy during spells. Symbols or words can be carved in to the handle.

White Handled Knife: this is more for working and cutting wands, herbs, carving symbols in candles or wood, and for cutting cords in certain spells.

Cup: simply a goblet made of any material used to hold water or a ritual beverage.

Pentacle: a flat piece of metal inscribed with symbols, mostly the Pentagram. Objects to be consecrated are placed here. Also hung over doors and windows as a protection device.

Book of Shadows: Wiccan book of spells, rituals, Runes, etc., composed mostly by the individual of things read or created.