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Fate Number 9
by Fire_Opal

The number (9) is the last in the sequence of whole numbers and here we encounter perfect awareness of the soul. Just as for (8), the number (9) contains an element of the mystical. If those who have (9) as a fate number are to increase their consciousness early in life, they can reach their goal. It should be remembered that human beings become more aware of their fate from the age of 36. They may have access to an awareness of their karma from previous lives. They must take care, however, not to collect new karma as a result of the wish to attain sensual satisfaction. People with (9) as a fate number may become enlightened, leaving the body free from the cycle of death-birth-death.
It is easier to handle (9) as a fate number than as a psychic number (9). those having (9) as a fate number destined to be successful, but they must make an effort and fight for success. People with (9) as a fate number have the possibility of being successful in the field of life that they have chosen for themselves. The spiritual satisfaction arising from lessons learned during a hard life encourage those with (9) as a fate number to have an inner dialogue with themselves throughout their lives. They live their fate - their lives are closely bound up with karma as a whole and they learn quickly to adapt to the difficulties of life. For them it is easy to find the meaning of life. they are busy, and too much rest makes them feel uncomfortable because they know that they need to be busy. they have a great zest for life and are good at sharing with others, inspiring them greatly. The number (9) symbolizes the most harmonic balance in the fate of human beings: everything is possible and acceptable to such people. They do not make demands to any major extent for they know that they deserve what they get, for better or worse.