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Fate Number 8
by Fire_Opal

This fate number is difficult for people to handle. The unpredictability of number (8), fate itself, ensures delays, obstacles, failure and humiliation coming from unknown and unexpected sources. The task is to let go of attachments and to receive karmic rewards. Those having (8) as a fate number and also (8) as a psychic number can admit that they alone are responsible for the disappointments they experience in life. Such disappointments do not therefore come as a surprise to them. when failure is determined by fate, and is unexpected, the reaction to it tends to be self-destructive. The consequences may be unfortunate: lawsuits, loss or disaster. The positive aspect is that human beings can gain wisdom through suffering and hard times. People with (8) as a fate number have great organizational skills because they can reach high positions. If they are interested in spiritual subjects, they may become spiritual guides. As regards to their love lives, scandal always looms on the horizon. Often their marriages are unstable owing to their fear of divorce and separation. They prefer being alone but are afraid of loneliness. They are persevering and often make a name for themselves within their chosen field. Women having (8) as a fate number have difficulties in finding a suitable life partner. Patience and genuine faith are required to overcome these difficulties. With (8) as a fate number such a person is shown who makes the decisions as to how karma should be rewarded. Everything that God gives is a present: Some presents are enjoyable = others are not. The lesson that must be learned by those having (8) as a fate number is that everything they get is a present from God. This may be difficult to accept.