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Fate Number 7
by Fire_Opal

With (7) as a fate number it becomes possible to test what has been learned through the number (6). Wisdom comes from the ability to distinguish between one thing and the other, to distinguish between reality and the idea of reality. Those having (7) as a fate number learn to live in the material world, to face its reality without being afraid. This fate is an expression of a willingness to live with the belief that human beings are divine, conscious beings who are to learn to sail to the ocean of life whilst ensuring that the water is kept out of the ship. The risk of shipwreck is reduced. It is easier to have (7) as a fate number than to have (7) as a psychic number. With (7) as a fate number individuals increase their awareness of the uses of their psyche or name numbers. The ability to set limits which is a result of having fate number (7) can make people less conscious of their own talents. They may tend to underestimate themselves and show a natural modesty and sweetness that other people find attractive. It should be emphasized that they are to a great extent controlled by their psychic number. However, they have the possibility of commanding respect not just from their friends and confidants, but also from their enemies. Therefore they can function as conciliators and spiritual masters. They can reach high consciousness within many spiritual fields because they realize the limitations of material reality and are capable of accepting the material world for what it is: of limited value because it is transitory. With a built-in awareness of the transitory nature of life anyone with (7) as a fate number has a philosophical nature which makes it easier to see life for what it is - it should be lived intensely and with conviction.