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Fate Number 6
by Fire_Opal

Having (6) as a fate number is just as difficult and unpleasant as it is desirable to have (6) as a psychic number. It is important to remember here that the true desire of number (6) is to express love. Where relationships exist people try to avoid acknowledging what they owe themselves and try instead to give of themselves to other people. Their awareness of their own faults and shortcomings is high - projection of these onto others say their partners) lies close at hand. Those having (6) as a fate number can prepare themselves to get rid of attachments by using their sense of discrimination. They feel well for short periods of time, but the demand for perfection (6) ((6) is the number associated with perfection) makes them react negatively when confronted with karmic reward they receive. Those having (6) as a fate number often go to extremes. If they are married, they may tend to be unfaithful. They do not stop hunting for love until they can come to terms with their inner partner. They discover that they are love incarnate and that they no longer need to seek for something outside themselves which they have within them. Now, instead of fearing encounters their enemies, those with (6) as a fate number find good company - by using their sense of discrimination. They surround themselves with people who see them as embodiments of love. For now they show their fellow human beings their true selves, not their covert selves by acknowledging their own divinity. They do not do this alone, but in loving interaction with others.