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Fate Number 5
by Fire_Opal

Having this fate seems to be the easiest of all. It is an open fate where expansion, traveling and learning are key words for an understanding of its essence. Pleasure and light are also characteristics of such a fate, but there are traps on the way. A ceiling on desires is needed if such individuals are to increase their consciousness. The senses dominate those having (5) as a fate number and these must be controlled if spiritual growth is to be achieved. The easiest aspect of life to improve is material growth. The souls who have chosen this fate are tempted by the good things in life, but higher consciousness is required to learn to control the senses, sooner or later. Those having (5) as a fate number are flexible by nature: they take their chances, are open to new ideas and are often independent, tolerant and trustworthy. Frequently, people with (5) as a fate number have worked their way up to the position they hold in society. They do not have much difficulty in gaining riches and, should they lose everything, they take it very calmly. By and large, they are lucky in many areas: in work, even though they may change jobs many times: and in their love lives they rarely die of a broken heart. Their ability to adapt is excellent. This makes them capable, for example, of staying in a foreign country for long periods of time. This fate teaches people the importance of acknowledging where senses predominate in life; pain occurs as often as well-being, pleasure and happiness. It is not enough, however, to repress the senses for pretending that desires do not exist is self-defeating.
There is nothing like pain to show people which desires are good for them. Those having (5) as a fate number are exposed to temptations that prepare the way for learning to control the senses. This is something every human being must learn, but those having (5) as a fate number get better opportunities than others for learning this.