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Fate Number 3
by Fire_Opal

The key words here are action and personal creativity. Such individuals are exposed to large number of situations in which action is required. Most often such action is needed in situations where the individual wishes to have free will but is exposed to divine will. This will lead to growth for willful souls who think that good actions are rewarded and that bad actions are punished. In the long run such views are true, but people with (3) as a fate number often feel frustrated that the reward is long overdue and that the punishment comes unexpectedly. Such people lack a conscious sense of discrimination and so may confuse the good with the bad. As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Having (3) as a fate number leads to an understanding that all actions are those of the Lord - and that all of these are a blessing in themselves. Such people must learn to serve humankind, by performing the tasks they want to do and are capable of doing to the best of their ability - and that only actions which are unselfish will be rewarded, sooner or later. To be able to accept having (3) as a fate number those concerned must acknowledge that there must be accordance between thought, word and deed. The number (3) is a difficult fate number to bear because it bestows immense willpower. Belief in their personal freedom to act may be too strong. The so-called 'free will' is put tot he test. The will of God becomes apparent sooner or later.