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Fate Number 2
by Fire_Opal

To those with (2) as their fate number the most important aspect is to be aware of the need to love themselves. They are busy investigating areas related to feelings, emotions, ambivalence and duality. Their task is to learn to see through duality. The emotional aspects of life play an important role and people with (2) as a fate number have strong feelings for everything in life: home, roots, emotional relationships to others in general (but not partnerships as such, which is central to those having (2) as their fate number). The main problem for those having (2) as a fate number is that changes of mood are built into their fate. Their awareness of opposites increases throughout their lives: for example good and bad, right and wrong, and black and white. They are exposed to events which increase their understanding of the riddle of duality. What is apparently self contradictory is seen as a paradoxical truth: duality is the core to an understanding of material reality which is limited by time. Control of the mind is the key to a successful fate based on the number (2). The primitive mind must be controlled so that the individual can learn to let go. A monkey can be caught by hiding a morsel of food in a container with an opening large enough for the monkey to insert its hand. Once the monkey holds the tidbit in its hand, it cannot remove it from the container. Nor will the monkey let go of the morsel - even at the cost of its life. The monkey gets caught, as are those with a fate number (2) if they have not learned to relax. Such people notice the ups and downs of life: happiness is followed by unhappiness, which is in turn followed by happiness. Bliss is not achieved until the ability to see through the duality of happiness and unhappiness has been obtained, so that duality may be rejected.