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Fate Number 1
by Fire_Opal

This fate number represents individuals who are aware of their egos, resting as it does on available personal resources. These resources should not be confused with innate talents or karmic remnants from previous incarnations. However, those with a number (1) fate may mistake personal resources, and start out by exhausting a large amount of energy on making use of what is most easily accessible. At the same time, such people know that the challenges that arise by trying something new are those which promote growth. the most important fate aspect is that people with a number (1) fate are forced to take responsibility for their own lives and circumstances, even though problems and obstacles are encountered on the way. Despite such individuals being distracted at times, they keep within clearly defined limits, where the ego can manifest itself at any cost. Those with a number (1) fate cannot be stopped by anything. The only thing they may lack is an awareness of their own resources. Those with a number (1) fate succeed and are satisfied with themselves only when acknowledging their own divinity, for only their higher Self can actually be satisfied. The little ego that is not aware of its divine origin becomes self-centered and egotistic. More than anyone else, those having a number (1) fate need to believe that the 'I' is a divine element if they are to get rid of attachments to the body because they have the strongest attachments to the material world. Once they have got rid of these elements (as well as compulsive ideas and lack of self-confidence) they must satisfy their strong desire to manifest their resources in the way their soul has chosen.