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9th - 18th - 27th
by Fire_Opal

Karma, the law of cause and effect, plays such an important role here that the psyche is hard to assess. Those born on the 9th usually have a low awareness of their ego. They have ingrained habits which are decisive in an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, depending on the level of personal karma. Those born on the 9th tend to rely on innate talents. Their sense of their own resources only develops later.

Those born on the 18th are more conscious of their ego. They have above average capabilities because of their awareness of dharma, of doing what must be done. In many ways 18 is easier to handle than a pure (9), as an awareness of personal resources helps in concentrating the present live (the (8)) rather than dwelling on past lives. Innate talents do not weigh as heavily as in the case of a pure (9). These individuals have a greater awareness of their own resources than do other (9)s.

Being born on the 27th means having the possibility of really getting somewhere in life. Such people also have awareness of the highest ideals of spiritual creativity since '27 = 2 + 7 = (9).' Here it is 'either/or': if an individual has attained transformation, the (7) does not prevent growth. Wisdom is put to the test and the person in question has to ask himself or herself: 'What have I learned this time?'