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8th - 17th - 26th
by Fire_Opal

Those born on the 8th are the most difficult to describe. This number of transformation is almost too strong for the psyche of human beings. Limits are never fixed and anyone born on the 8th risks forgetting the time. Time is not important to them as remembering time means setting too many limits. Those born on the 8th do not understand themselves very well, but still they demand and expect that others should understand them, without them revealing much about themselves. Those born on the 8th are content that their spiritual nature is a secret to others - at times they keep their spiritual nature a secret to themselves. There is therefore a risk that they live in material reality (often very successfully) and forget what they were actually aiming at: transformation.

Those born on the 17th have an (8) that is less extreme than those born on the 8th. This is because limits are constantly kept in mind and this ensures greater stability. At the same time those born on the 17th are more aware of their ego. This ensures that they find it easier to come to terms with material reality, which is not exactly a characteristic associated with the number (8).

Those born on the 26th are more high flying. Their creative way of thinking combined with feelings ensures a more varied view of transformation, but they may lose contact with reality. Those born on the 26th are passive and flighty and normally do not achieve as much as those born on the 17th, owing to their greater carefulness. However, they may hit the jackpot if they concentrate on their intellectual creativity and their ability to find the right balance.