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7th - 16th - 25th
by Fire_Opal

Those born on the 7th insist that everything must be in the right place. This characteristic allows such people less scope than others. People born on the 7th have a sense of responsibility and wish to be seen as reliable. They tend to judge others according to the same yardstick. Their weakness is their unshakable faith in the reality of the material world. A belief in transformation is hindered by the belief in material values being supreme. Thus, (7)s can be disappointed easily when order or plans are disrupted.

The sum of the digits, '1 + 6 = (7)', is modified here by a higher awareness of own resources on the one hand and the overall view of things on the other. Harmony is essential here (as it is where (6) is to be found), but not at any cost. The number (7) demands perfection and harmony with limitations: not too much scope is allowed. Tolerance is lower than average, as it is wherever (7) is found.

-25- This variation of the number (7) differs from 16 in some important respects. A combination of emotions, the mind and an awareness of the senses is behind the setting of limits here. Those born on the 25th sometimes lose their comprehensive view of things and there are no fixed limits. The number 25 gives less stability than (7), but more scope is allowed at the same time. Limits may be adjusted according to desires and emotional criteria.