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6th - 15th - 24th
by Fire_Opal

This number of harmony is symbolized as someone who wants to avoid conflicts by seeking harmony and perfection instead. Those born on the 6th are not interested in details; they concentrate instead on the overall picture. They have a good imagination and see things clearly. Shape, color and creativity are important to them - contents play a less important role. Anybody having (6) as a dominant factor will find it easy to give and receive love, as the ego is not as important to him or her.

-15- Those born on this date possess characteristics resembling those born on the 6th, but for those born on the 15th an awareness of their own resources and the senses distracts them in their endeavors at finding balance and harmony. The ego and the senses may be disturbing elements for them in their attempts to reach perfection. The ego makes it difficult for the person in question to control his or her senses.

Those born on the 24th are sensitive and rational. They resemble the pure (6) more than do those born on the 15th, as those born on the 24th are less aware of resources. They do however have an unstable mind and experience difficulties in finding peace of mine (which is the goal of (6). Those born on the 24th may have more contact with reality that those born on the 6th. They can find an easier balance between form and content. This balance can be complicated by their wish to have an overall picture of things while at the same time being sure that attention has been paid to every little detail. Logic plays a role (owing to the number (4), but this factor does not harmonize well with the nature of those dominated by a (6).