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5th - 14th - 23rd
by Fire_Opal

This is the number of the senses and the essence of being human. It symbolizes spaciousness, the desire to learn, generosity and the expansive. Owing to the central position of 5 in the sequence of numbers 1 to 9, the psyche of those born on the 5th is affected by everything that is human. Those born on the 5th may stretch their tolerance too far to err is human. They may fall prey to their senses without using a sense of discrimination.

This number combines awareness of the ego with logic, and practical, analytical abilities. It is a balanced number which combines two earthbound elements. As opposed to those having a pure (5), and usually have a better memory.

Sensitivity and an ability to act are combined here, and this can satisfy the needs of the senses. Those born on the 23rd are relaxed, but also dynamic and creative. They are open and tolerant and require much space, but they also leave room for others. They are also well balanced and can be very inspiring to other people. They are relatively energetic and perhaps impatient if they are face with delays. The feminine (2) element in the number ensures awareness of the emotions; the masculine (3) element in this number ensures an awareness of personal creativity and the need to act with conviction.