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4th - 13th - 22nd - 31st
by Fire_Opal

People born on the 4th are practical, logical and analytical. Their intellect is in control of their feminine and introvert psyche. Those born on the 4th may have such well developed logical abilities that they find it difficult to express feelings and be creative on a personal level - they may become 'workaholics.' It may be difficult for those born on the 4th to establish deep, intimate relationships as they always use up energy protecting their own integrity. A strong (2) in the name diagram helps to balance this factor.

This number is often considered unlucky, but those born on the 13th do not experience difficulties related to their fate. They do however have problems in combining the two masculine, extrovert characteristics (awareness of ego and ability to act with the feminine), to give an intellectual characteristic that makes them logical and analytical. The ability to act is governed by the intellect. The decisive factor is whether the name diagram of an individual is dominated by (1), (3) or (4).

This is a very strong number consisting of '2 + 2' (the emotional), with the sum of the digits being (4) (the intellectual). This means that the number is essentially feminine, introvert and passive. This is the number of Tao - a mystical world. How this number finds expression depends greatly on the name of the person in question: the tools available for handling the psyche. The potential for those with this number is very great.

This personality may be interpreted in the same way as for 13. Those born on the 31st, however, have fewer difficulties than those born on the 13th because their greater ability to act helps them to deal with any perceived limitations with regard to personal resources. The basic element is logic (the sum of the digits is (4)), which is supported here by a strong, ego related desire to act.