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1st - 10th - 19th - 28th
by Fire_Opal

People born on the 1st day of the month possess characteristics associated with the symbolism of the number (1). This means that they are extrovert and possess marked leadership potential. In addition, they are active and their masculine characteristics predominate. Those born on the 1st will invariably draw attention to themselves one way or the other. They behave in a clear, unambivalent manner. They are excellent candidates for management positions. They are resourceful and have a clear sense of their own identity. They are the most flamboyant of those people with a psychic number (1). This is often expressed through clothes, body language and habits. The ego is more obvious than other types of (1).

Those born on the 10th are less independent than people with a (1). Here a 0 is included, which instills a lack of desire to assume all the leadership obligations. Those having a 10 psyche do not mind letting others get the honor for being the leader. This means that 10s make perfect secretaries, since the manager may well get the honor but in may respects the secretary is the one who decides. The 0 adds an element of chaos to the independence of such individuals, who are often distracted by this element from being leaders but are resourceful nevertheless.

The most important characteristic of those born on the 19th is that they do not have the same clear ego consciousness as those born on the 1st. They are easily distracted from their ambitions and may be very idealistic in aiming at higher, unrealistic goals. The fact that these individuals are not so conscious of their ego may mean that their consciousness is higher in other respects, but it may also make them less effective. They tend to become distracted by their innate talents and they often neglect the resources that are available to them here and now. They tend to rest on their laurels and do not pay much attention to their present tasks. They should remember that they are (1)s and should try to keep a balance between talents which can be left to look after themselves and resources which should be cultivated and exploited.

This is the number of the most talented people having the psychic number (1) as it contains two feminine numbers [(2) and (8)], which means that behind the strong masculine value of the number (1) there is a strong feminine contrast. The number 28 is also the most difficult to handle, especially for women. Those born on the 28th lack the competitiveness that is characteristic of all whose birth date may be reduced to (1). This is best illustrated by the fact that 1 is to be found in all the other numbers that may be reduced to (1). The strong side of those born on the 28th is their lack of ego consciousness - but this is at the same time a weakness, for those having (1) as their psychic number are personifications of ego consciousness. Passiveness and an overemotional reaction pattern renders the attainment of personal goals difficult. Those born on the 29th will choose clothes that are more discreet than the clothes of other (1)s.