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Effectiveness Line
by Fire_Opal

Effectiveness Line
(3) Action
(5) Senses
(7) Setting limits

This line describes the administrative resources of the individual. A strong (3)-(5)-(7) line, with many circles around the numbers on the line, implies strong administrative resources (an active individual able to set limits and with self-discipline). A weak line, with few circles, implies that a low priority is given to organization - about which the individual has much to learn. Too much strength in this line tends to encourage individuals to ride roughshod over those with a weaker (3)-(5)-(7) line.
This line points to the awareness of administrative abilities within people. Managing directors have this line well developed in their names. Women who have this line in marriage are capable of administering their husbands. Organizational talents are not lacking. It is a purely extrovert line of powerful energy. The three focal points on this line are the numbers (3), (5) and (7).

This energy has a focus on personal creativity and the ability to act.

This energy has a focus on senses, expansion and willingness to learn.

This energy has a focus on an awareness of the need to set limits and on consciousness of time.