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Communication Line
by Fire_Opal

Communication Line
(1) Personal resources
(5) Senses
(9) Spiritual creativity

Individual communications shill depends on the strength of this energy line. A strong line, indicates good powers of communication. A weak line is indicative of problems of communication in one way or another. (These lines are defective lines, where one or another of the numbers is missing.) This difficulty in communicating with others reflects difficulty in communicating with oneself.
This is also a purely extrovert line that points to the awareness of the individual in communicating with others. This is a line of energy which is of fundamental importance assessing problems of communication. It is a source of major problems if it is defective, where the flow of energy is broken. Breaks of energy of this sort automatically impair relationships with others and reflect problems in the relationship with the inner partner. The three focal points on this line are the numbers (1), (5), and (9).

This energy has a focus on personal resources and an awareness of self-identity.

This energy has a focus on the senses, and on expansion and willingness to learn.

This energy has a focus on an awareness of spiritual creativity: innate talents and the universality of humankind. This includes an awareness of the common source of life - the Godhead.