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Creativity Line
by Fire_Opal

Creativity Line
(3) Personal creativity
(6) Intellectual creativity
(9) Spiritual creativity

A strong line, with many circles around these numbers, indicates creative resources of some kind or other, ranging from personal creativity (involving action), to intellectual creativity (involving the imaginations) and spiritual creativity (related to some specific talent). Creativity is not automatically ruled out as a consequence of a weak creativity line, but the line contributes to the person being made aware of his or her creative resources. The reverse is also true. A strong creativity line is no guarantee for realizing creative resources.
This line points to the awareness the individual has of his or her creative energy. The three focal points on this line are the numbers (3), (6) and (9).

This energy has a focus on personal and physical creativity. This is related to the physical creativeness of the individual.

This energy has a focus on the individual exhibiting intellectual creativity via insight into form and color. He or she has such an overall view that details are not covered by the awareness of intellectual creativity. This is highly significant for would-be inventors or geniuses.

This energy has a focus on innate and inherited talents, which cannot be accounted for in any way other than that they are there. This is the burden of karma - the rewards of earlier lives.