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Emotions Line
by Fire_Opal

Emotions Line
(2) The conscious mind
(5) Senses
(8) The unconscious mind

Where this line appears in a name diagram, with circles around the numbers, we are concerned with the emotional life and response pattern of a person. Here we are looking at the interaction of the conscious mind, the senses and the unconscious mind (the source of all our deepest feelings). A strong line, with many circles around these numbers, indicates an individual for who the emotions play a conscious role. A weaker line indicates someone who has inhibited or repressed his or her feelings for some reason or other. In such cases, feelings and emotions are consciously controlled s much as possible. The stronger line reflects the urge to express feelings without controls. The weaker line shows self-contained individuals without such an urge.
This line points to the awareness the individual has of the mind - conscious as well as unconscious and of the interplay of the mind and the senses. The three focal points on this line are the numbers (2), (5) and (8). Where it is found to be dominant the emotions are the motivating force in the life of the individual.

This energy has a focus on the conscious mind, through personal feelings. Superficial everyday reactions are strong.

This energy has a focus on the urge to express learning from sense experience as an emotional response. Compare this to the intellect line (4)-(5)-(6), where the expression of sensory experience is via intellect and thought processes.

This energy has a focus on the unconscious mind. The individual has access to and awareness of the importance of the unconscious, as a means of controlling and balancing the strength of the person's emotional reaction pattern.