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Candle Magick Examples
by Zeus

Emotions: Resentment, Bitterness, Hatred
Health: Skin rashes, Blood Disorders, Boils, Allergies, Heart Disorders, Joint Pain
Cure Candle: White

Emotions: Confusion, Anger, Frustration
Health: Common Cold, Pneumonia, Respiratory Ailments
Business: Monetary Difficulties
Cure Candle: Green

Emotions: Anxiety, Impatience, Greed
Health: High Blood Pressure, Ulcers, Near Sightedness, Deafness, Heart Attacks
Cure Candle: Blue

Emotions: Cynicism, Pessimism, Defeatism
Health: Low Blood Pressure, Anemia, Polio, Diabetes, Leprosy, Kidney Disorders
Business: Low Income
Cure Candle: Pink

Emotions: Revulsion, Fear, Guilt
Health: Cancer, Blood Disorders, Stuttering, Poor Sex Life
Business: Poverty
Cure Candle: White

Emotions: Antagonism, Inferiority, Introversion
Health: Allergies, Headaches, Heart Murmur
Life: Lack of Friends.
Cure Candle: Yellow