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Candle Magick Introduction
by Zeus

Since the beginning of human existence fire has been held in a semi-sacred position in our hearts. Since fire was first discovered in nature, and our ancestors found they could harness it it has played a key role in human evolution and survival. In the early A.D. centuries of our calendar it was discovered that putting animal fat, or bee’s wax around a wick allowed the flame to burn many times longer in a more controlled light. After a time people realized that by adding different herbs, minerals, or pigments to the fat or wax allowed the candle to be coloured, and gave it a different energy feeling. Candle magick arose in the Dark Ages out of the realization that coloured candles gave off energy, and could effect the existence that surrounded, or was connected to them.
There are many different forms of candle magick and different lengths of time over which the candle magick is to be created. In experience though no magick of this form has a casting of more than 28 days. It is most common to cast simple, single day magick with candles. When performing a single day magick the candle, and oils are selected, the magickian gains their focus, lights the candle and allows the candle to burn completely to achieve the goal.
The general form of candle magick looks like this:
  1. Gather the candle, oils and needed supplies
  2. Oil the candle
  3. Hybridize the candle (if needed)
  4. Gain magickal focus
  5. Burn the candle
  6. Finish candle hybridization (if needed)
To begin the magickian must first select the colour of candle that they will need to accomplish their magick and achieve the desired outcome. In general this is accomplished by understanding what each colour symbolizes (there is a short listing of ailments and candle colours at the end of this section). The next step is to oil the candle to allow it to burn and release the energies to achieve the desired outcome.
The oil you choose should compliment the colour of the candle and energize it towards, and not away from the magick goal. If in doubt use a good quality virgin olive oil, because it seems to be neutral enough to not impede any magicks while still allowing the energy to be released. There are two different ways to oil a candle depending on what outcome you wish from the magick. If your outcome is to help another, or to banish then the candle must be oiled from the centre to the top, and then the centre to the bottom. If your outcome is to bring something to yourself, or those connected to you then the candle should be oiled from the top to the centre, and then the bottom to the centre. Do not rub up and down, or in circles as this will negate the candle’s effect.
Hybridization of the candle simply refers to adding any other categories of magick to your candle magick before actually lighting the candle. For example you may wish to add on-written textual magick to the candle to increase the effectiveness of the overall outcome. This step is completely up to you as to whether it is included, or not.
Gaining magickal focus is important for candle magick, because you are the one that guides the released candle energies to their goal. The more focused and clear your goal is the more effective your candle magick is.
Now it is time to light the candle. Once you light the candle you should allow it to burn completely (unless otherwise stated by the magick). Remember to never blow out a candle unless in an absolute emergency, because blowing out a candle will result in a backlash of energy. Instead of blowing out the candle you should snuff it with a candle snuffer. It is not necessary for you to remain magickally focused on the candle, or outcome for more than about five minutes as this is all the time that is needed for the candle to understand and begin its journey towards the goal. (Please remember NEVER to leave a burning candle unattended)
Once the candle has finished burning if you have hybridized the candle take the time to finish off any parts of the hybridization. This may mean burning off-written material, or verbalizing the last section of a piece of verbal magick, or verbal scroll.
When performing candle magick remember the need for balance in existence. Candle magick has one of the greatest backlashes for unbalanced energy, and so prepare yourself for this before you begin.