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Textual Magick
by Zeus

Commonly referred to as Written, or Scroll Magick textual magick is the form that must be written in order for a goal to be realized. The language, or script of the magick is very important and it is not usual for translations of textual magick to work (without great modification).
Textual magick can be written in runes, symbols, lost, or modern languages, and pictures. The two main categories of textual magick are: On-Written, and Off-Written.
On-Written magick must be written, or carved directly onto/into the object the magickian wishes to effect with an outcome. Most often on-written magick appears as single symbols, or a few short runes which helps greatly in placing them on objects (especially small objects). Perhaps the most widely known and poorly understood symbol in on-written magick is the pentagram. People simply do not understand the nature, or outcomes associated with it and so it is usually shunned completely. It is always imperative that a magickian fully understand the symbols they are using. Ignorance is NOT an excuse.
Off-Written magick does not have to be put directly on an object to work, but must be written down sometimes ornately in order to achieve the focused outcome. Some off-written magick is only available once from the same writing as casting it either changes the combination, or destroys the writing itself. Other forms of off-written magick make themselves available only once and wipe the magickian’s memory of them to be lost until they are rediscovered elsewhere again. Still other forms must be written and then verbalized in a cross combination of magick referred to as Verbal Scrolls. Since off-written magick has so many different side effects (especially memory loss of the spell) it is extremely important for the magickian to fully understand all aspects of the spell before attempting to use it.
Exchanging textual magick is a common practice in magick circles, but usually to begin a person must meet a teacher/master that deems them suitable to learn the finesse of the magick.
Textual magick is regarded by many as being the easiest to use, control, and learn.