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Verbal Magick
by Zeus

This category of magick is perhaps the oldest form of magick. It includes any and all verbalized forms of magick, which include but are not limited to: chants, ritualistic phrases, verbal spells, and spoken commands.
The spoken word has always been known to control a lot more than language, but the usefulness of verbal magick was lost to the common people in the 16th century when it was considered witchcraft. The language the magick is in does not really matter; however the direct translation of verbal magick from one language to another (especially old style Chinese to English) does not always work perfectly without grammatical modification. So, what the World has been left with are pockets of magickians that pass the knowledge from generation to generation (usually) which makes correct translations of magick difficult to find, because the isolated pockets of magickians verbalize only in the native language, and for fear of persecution do not share their magick very readily.
To learn any verbal magick in this day and age requires that a person be discovered by a teacher/master that deems them worthy of receiving their magickal knowledge. To that end there are no actual examples of verbal magick included within this site. This is unfortunate, but I will not be held responsible for anyone going awry with magick (the argument will surface that I include a great many examples of psychism techniques within the website, so why not magick? The reason is that magick is much easier to achieve and without constant supervision from a competent teacher a person may unwittingly do themself, or others irreparable harm).
Achieving verbal magick outcomes is as easy as reciting words, providing a few rules are met.
  • The recited words must be known to have a magickal outcome
  • Emphasis, rhythm, intonation, and pronunciation must be exact
  • If the words have been translated they must meet the grammatical guidelines of magick
  • Magickal Focus is needed (without a focus object)