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Magickal Focus
by Zeus

The fundamental concept of magick is that outcomes are achievable through the manipulation of Universal Energies. This means that the extent of the magickal goal does not depend on the individual magickians Internal Energy, but instead on how well they are able to control the Universal towards a goal. The control ability is only achieved one way: practice. All magickians, natural or learned, must work with their control ability in order to become better at what they do.
Magickal Focus, the name given to the control of Universal Energies, is the key to magick. Focus towards an outcome begins all techniques and focus also follows through and finishes off all magickal techniques. To achieve focus magickians have two main options: their physical being, or a power/focus object. In the beginning when first learning magick most people use objects to help them achieve focus. Generally focus objects are seen as crutches, and power objects are considered temporary ability extenders. As a rule magickians should try to rely on their physical being as much as possible and only fall back to objects if absolutely necessary.
Achieving magickal focus is fairly straight forward, but the outcome depends solely on the category of magick being used. Magickal focus should always be achieved before attempting any category of magick (however there is not a real need to focus when using focus objects).
**This explanation relies on you having already read the psychism section of the Palatium
To begin centre (opening focal points is not necessary), ground, relax, and clear your mind. Focus your thoughts towards the magickal technique and what its goal is. Your entire being is now focused enough on the technique to achieve the magickal outcome. At this time you are ready to perform magick.
Magickal focus is easy, but isn’t focus the same start as psychism? It certainly is. Anytime energy is being used, or focused by the physical being a person needs to make their self as available to the Universal Energy Vibration as possible and focus happens to be the easiest way to achieve it for magick.