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Magickal Balance
by Zeus

The most important aspect of magick that everyone must heed when performing spells, or techniques is that there must always be balance in the Universal. Within existence energies are delicately balanced to achieve what would be called Nature’s ultimate goal. If this delicate balance is too far disturbed then our plane and existence may be changed, or even destroyed. For an example: if weather patterns were changed too dramatically the Amazon Rainforest could conceivably become a desert.
In order to maintain balance within a given area wither an opposing force must be found and fed in to compensate, or the person initiating the magick must provide the balance from their own energy. The latter is usually the case and so being able to recharge, or use the psychism technique for intaking is an asset to the magickian. Balance is automatically taken by existence from those that use magick, so it is important to make sure not to use a spell that is beyond a magickian’s capability to balance unless an alternate source is already set up.
Often times magickians will use focus, or power objects to initiate their spells, so that the balancing energy is taken directly from the object and not the actual magickian. These items must be recharged after initiating a set energy limit of magick. Some common examples of power objects are: candles, staves, wands, and crystals.
Elementals and familiars are another way in which magickians achieve balance without giving of themselves. Both the elemental and familiar are magickal constructs that can initiate magick and draw on themselves or their connections to balance existence.
The final common form of balancing through another is to find someone that acts like an energy battery. These people are often referred to as "Universal Cells," or "Accumulators." Accumulators can provide the magickian with the energy needed to balance a spell often without any stress upon themselves.
Remember to always achieve balance with magick as lives may depend on it, especially your own!