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by Fire_Opal

(Rosa spp.)
Gender: Cold
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Associated Deity: Venus, Hulda, Demeter, Isis, Eros, Cupid, Adonis
Parts Used: Flowers
Basic Powers: Love, Fertility, Clairvoyance
Specific Uses: Wash your hands with rose water before mixing up love mixtures. (Rose water may be urchased commercially in gourmet food shops and herb stores.) Bear the buds if you would find a love. Drink of tisane of rose petals to produce clairvoyant dreams. Burn the petals in the bedroom prior to sleep and have a completely refreshing, wondrous night. The petals are often added to healing incenses and sachets. Scatter fresh rose petals in the bed chanber on your honeymoon. To really prove you love another, send him or her red roses, the flowers of love.