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Nuts and Cones
by Fire_Opal

Basic Powers: Fertility, Healing
Basic Uses: All nuts are steeped in magic. while the acorn, hazel and walnut are described in detail elsewhere here, a few general words on nuts and cones are appropriate.
Most nuts are used to increase fertility, to help conceive. While under population is hardly a problem today, herbal magic is sometimes called upon to provide help where the medical profession can supply none.
Nuts have a wide variety of magical uses: buckeyes are carried to prevent rheumatism, almonds are eaten to prevent intoxication and to gain wisdom, and the brazil nut is carried to find love.
Cones of the evergreen trees are also useful in fertility magic. The hemlock cones are collected and dried in the autumn, dipped in green wax, and then strung into necklaces. The circular shape of the necklace itself is a fertility symbol. These necklaces are worn by women who wish to become pregnant. This ritual is performed in secret.