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by Fire_Opal

(Verbascum thapsus)
Folk Names: Hag's tapers, Torches, Clot, Feltwort, Doffle, Candlewich Plant, Arron's Rod, Peter's Staff, Lady's Foxglove, Velvet Plant, Jupiter's Staff, Shepherd's Herb, Old Man's Fennel, Velvetback, Flannel Plant, Hedge Taper, Blanket Leaf, Shepherd's Club
Gender: Cold
Planet: Saturn
Element: Fire
Parts Used: The herb
Basic Powers: Protection
Specific Uses: Carry to keep wild animals away from you while walking in the wilderness, camping, back-packing. Wear to instill courage. Use as a substitute for candles (do not light them) when performing magic outside where no flames can be lit. The powdered leaves are known as "graveyard dust" and are acceptable to use when such is called for in old recipes.