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by Fire_Opal

(Trifolium spp.)
Folk Names: Trefoil, Honeystalks, Three-Leaved Grass
Gender: Hot
Planet: Mercury
Element: All four elements
Parts Used: The herb
Basic Powers: Protection
Specific Uses: The three-leaved clover is often used in rituals designed to protect or to keep one looking youthful and fair. As a protection, carry one on your person. To keep looking young, gather dew on May Day morning, just before the Sun rises. Put into this water three clover stalks. Let these steep all day out of the Sun's rays. The next morning, again before the Sun rises, rub a little or the water on your face. Do this every morning until the water is used up. Cover the bowl with a cloth to keep the water clean and store in a place where it will remain untouched until the following morning.
Four-leaved clovers are carried to prevent madness. It is also a popular amulet to avoid military service. Gather the four-leaved clovers in the morning, then walk to the nearest hill. As the Sun rises throw one clover to the North, and one to each of the other directions, calling upon the powers of the Elements to protect you, to keep you from getting drafted, or whatever your wish is. Then, after finishing the ritual, pluck one more four-leaved clover (remember, leave something in payment to the earth for the plant taken) and keep it as a magical link with the elements.