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by Fire_Opal

(Corylus spp.)
Folk Names: Coil
Gender: Hot
Planet: Sun
Element: Air
Associated Deity: Mercury, Thor, Artemis, Diana
Parts Used: Nuts, Wood
Basic Powers: Fertility, Protection, Mental Powers
Specific Uses: Hazel wood makes good all-purpose wands. The forked branches are used in divining hidden objects, especially those buried in the earth. String hazel nuts and hang up in the house for luck. Present brides with a bag of the nuts to ensure luck and fertility, or carry one to make yourself fertile. The wood serves as an anti lightning charm. The nuts are eaten to gain wisdom. Tie two hazel twigs together with red or gold thread to form a solar cross for a good luck charm. Gather at night on Samhain. Draw a circle around yourself on the ground with a hazel twig if outside and in need of magical protection.