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by Fire_Opal

(Pyrus malus)
Folk Names: Fruit of the Underworld, Silver Bough, Tree of Love Silver Branch
Gender: Cold
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Associated Deities: Venus, Hercules, Diana, King Arthur, Dionysius Olwen, Apollo, Hera, Athena
Parts Used: Fruit, Cider, Blossoms
Basic Powers: Love, Healing
Specific Uses: Add apple blossoms to love and healing incenses. Cut an apple in three pieces, rub each on a sick person's body, and then bury them. The decaying apple will cure the illness. The sam ritual is done with warts. Pour cider to give life to a newly dug field. Give an apple to a lover as a present, cut it in half and eat one half while your lover eats his or hers. Use apple cider in place of blood or wine, if they are called for in old magical spells and rites. Eat apples on Samhain. Apples are sometimes also used in place of a poppet.