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Power Objects
by Zeus

Since it is the most common power object this section will specify the staff, but the techniques may be switched over to almost any other power object form.
The first thing is to identify a power object. To do this really requires the ability to see, or strongly feel energy. Natural power objects radiate much more energy than normal objects and seem to have an aura of their own even though they are inanimate. Once an item fitting this description is found a verbal identification (non-invasive) casting ca be done in order to find out exactly what the object’s natural magicks are. Though this casting may not reveal everything about the object the magickian should learn how to engage the object. After this is known it is often best to practice with the item (if it is rechargeable) to ensure that the magician is able to cast the power object’s magick properly. Practicing also allows the magician to learn the limitations of their item and how many casts can be done per charge. After the item’s energy has been depleted the magickian must perform the appropriate recharging ritual, or cast before the power object can be used again.
Creating a power object requires the embedding of energy into an item to allow it to cast magick. Verbal spells allow an item to be infused without changing the physical appearance, but are very difficult to find which is why most artificially created power objects have some sort of text on their surfaces. A staff may have single, or multiple magick symbols for moon, fire, explosions and offence on it. This would mean that staff is recharged via the moonlight, sends out exploding fire castings, and is a primarily offensive power object. The one other symbol that must appear on all artificially created power objects I the symbol for infusion of magick energy. This allows the item to store the energy to cast and balance. The strength of the infused power object depends on the skill of the magician that created it and the original magick castings used it its construction.
Remember to keep power objects safe, since in untrained, or immoral hands they can be extremely dangerous.